Calumet Farm
Documents pertaining to all residents
Mission Statement: The Calumet Farm Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is a corporation established to:
  • Maintain the landscaping and wall at the main entrance to the neighborhood
  • Enforce the Covenants and Restrictions to all lots in the subdivision as fairly as possible
  • Promote the common benefit and enjoyment of all residents through periodic social events
To achieve these goals, the HOA encourages participation and communication with the Board.  All funds collected through annual HOA fees will go directly to supporting it's mission.  The HOA wants to maintain the neighborhood’s outstanding reputation and encourage a friendly and welcoming community for all homeowners and visitors.
Details are contained in the following Legal Documents
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Covenants and Restrictions
We are voting to adopt these covenants:
Current PROPOSED Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenant and Restrictions (v2.0 from March 15, 2023)
The original, and currently binding covenants for Calumet Farm, will be replaced if the vote passes:
Property Owner Covenants and Restrictions
The following are provided only for your use in comparing versions, and do not affect the vote or the rules in any way:
Deprecated Proposed Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenant and Restrictions (v1.0 from January 29, 2023)
Changes between January 29 v1.0 and March 10 v2.0 Proposed Covenants
Cross Reference of Original Covenants to Proposed Amended and Restated Declaration
Other Documents
HOA Rules and Regulations - (2013 Update)
HOA Articles of Incorporation
Homeowner Handbook - (updated March 15, 2023)
HOA Board Financial Guidelines - (updated March 15, 2023)